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RXBAR Kids Wants To Give Your Little Ones a Snack With "No B.S."

by Natalie Mouradian on 04/03/2018 | 2 Minute Read

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Dan Walter Design created the bright and friendly packaging for RXBAR Kids, the protein bar’s range of products created specifically with little ones in mind. RXBAR is known for listing out all the ingredients included in their product directly on the packaging, making for a transparent “No B.S.” approach.

“Building on the successful foundation of the existing RXBAR brand, the challenge was to create an equally compelling design appealing to the kids and parents of RXBAR's health-conscious audience. These smaller size bars in kid-friendly flavors needed a design language that combined the stylish simplicity and up-front ingredients of RXBAR with something more playful to connect directly with a younger crowd.”

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“The solution was to create a set of super-graphic fruit emoji that lead a friendlier and more engaging design language, without compromising the style and honesty of the parent brand. The new vibrant color scheme and a rounded typographic style give the RXBAR Kids brand its own distinctive voice. This reflects the kid-friendly shift from ‘No B.S.’ to ‘No Bad Stuff’, creates a new platform for growth for RXBAR, and a new brand just for kids.”

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Designed By: Dan Walter DesignDesigner: Dan WalterLocation: Chicago, IL