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This Holiday Packaging Was Inspired By Aboriginal Art

by Natalie Mouradian on 04/02/2018 | 3 Minute Read

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We love the colors on this packaging for Australian brand MECCA’s 2017 holiday packaging. The inspiration behind the design comes from the vibrant art of the Aboriginal people, making for an artistic approach to the overall packaging.

“‘I make it fun. If there’s no fun, then there’s no art,’ says artist Claudia Moodoonuthi of her bold and joyful style that led to her collaboration with the in-house MECCA design team for our Holiday 2017 creative. The bright design, which features on our limited-edition packaging, windows and website, is rich in colour and creative spirit. ‘Colour is very important,’ says Moodoonuthi, ‘when I go home to Bentinck Island, I usually take notice of every colour…I like to keep in touch with the land and paint the colours of the land, the ocean and the sky.’”

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“Raised on the small island in the Gulf of Carpentaria, the 21-year-old artist comes from a family and community of strong women and female artists; her grandmother and aunties are the famous Kaiadilt seven artists (including the late Sally Gabori). ‘I’ve been lucky to have some amazing Aboriginal women in my family and in other communities as well—there’s the Bentinck Island elders and Tanya Major, who has been a massive influence,’says Moodoonuthi.

‘The National Gallery of Victoria is grateful for the support of Australian contemporary artists made possible through the MECCA holiday artist collaboration. We are delighted to present Claudia’s recently commissioned works, which reference street art and traditional cultural motifs, in an arresting display at NGV Australia from November 9, 2017’ said Tony Ellwood, Director, NGV.”

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“It’s these relationships and upbringing that inspire her work, and what resonated with our own MECCA community when we were introduced to Claudia and her work through the National Gallery of Victoria—an ongoing partnership that supports and advocates for women in the arts.

Celebrating colour, family and community, we’re thrilled to be shining a spotlight on Claudia’s work, especially knowing our customers will be taking a little piece home with them during our 2017 Holiday season.”

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Company: MECCAArt Directors: Paul Troon, Marita Burke, Jae Jun KimIllustrator: Claudia MoodoonuthiLocation: Australia