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A Dutch Favorite Gets a Playful and Colorful New Look

by Natalie Mouradian on 04/03/2018 | 4 Minute Read

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Staat gave Delicata, a traditional Dutch chocolate brand a makeover, and the results are stunning. The overall design plays with color and graphics in order to create a dynamic and funky design solution.

“Delicata is a household chocolate brand established in 1926 by the largest Dutch supermarket concern Albert Heijn. Ever since the company invested in developing quality chocolate for an affordable price, making it accessible for a large audience. The brand however never transcended its functional purpose, and as such has little brand recognition, value and preference with consumers.”

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“The brief was to reposition Delicata from a household brand into a venture brand that can compete with A-brands within the chocolate category, and to create a new inspiring brand idea, a recognizable visual identity and exciting packaging that stands out on the shelf. With around 60 sku’s divided into four specific chocolate collections, each with a range of products aimed at specific chocolate lovers, the challenge was to create a design approach that clearly differentiates the collections from each other, yet still behaves as one brand.”

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“Renewing the Delicata brand and relaunching it with a design-driven multi collection strategy.

Research found chocolate consumers could be divided into four categories - everyday, enthusiast, adventurous and purist. These formed the basis for creating one brand with four specific collections for every kind of chocolate lover – unusual in the market. Each collection was connected to its own chocolate consumer, which then informed the design cues for that collection. The flavours of the chocolate and its packaging express the emotional characteristics of that audience and their moments of 'Chocolate Happiness'.”

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“With a strong visual brand mark and color coding we created a consistent brand identity throughout the four different collections. Each collection received a bespoke design, expressing their individual personality through different crafts, type treatments and materialization, including custom chocolate bar design.

Everyday Happiness: A fresh approach that POPS! amongst the conventional chocolate category - playful type treatment and clear colour coding.

Sparkling Happiness: Hand-made paper cut-outs of the ingredients created abstract compositions, expressive and joyous, unique for each flavour. Materialised in thick paper, double-sided printed to discover more happiness inside.

Discover Happiness: Photographic still life artworks of intriguing ingredient combos in a rhythmic pattern. This abstract approach allowed us to disconnect the visual representations of ingredients from the factual content percentage (required by law and a common challenge within the category).

Original Happiness: Elegant mono-color marbling with gold foil logo, inspired by natural shapes and local craftsmanship, speaking to the refined, sophisticated tastes of the chocolate purist.” 

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Designed By: StaatClient: Albert HeijnLocation: Amsterdam