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This Exclusive Yemeni Coffee Radiates Luxury

by Natalie Mouradian on 03/15/2018 | 2 Minute Read

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Manual designed this luxurious packaging for Port of Mokha, an extremely high-end coffee that comes from Yemen. The design’s color palette strays away from those typically seen in the luxury sector but the delicate typography and play with texture allows for a solution that is unmistakably elegant.

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“Port of Mokha is the rarest, most critically acclaimed, and expensive Yemen coffee in the world.”

Port of Mokha believes that the very best coffee does more than provide an incredible experience of drinking it. It creates ripples of positive impact that can improve lives, lift economies, and revitalize cultures. Drinking Port of Mokha supports a worthy cause, and it just happens to be the best coffee in the world.”

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“The founder of port of Mokha made international news in in 2015 when he escaped war-torn Yemen in a speed-boat with his rare coffee samples. The coffee went on to receive the highest ratings in blind cuppings worldwide.

The Yemen Trilogy box set introduces three varieties of Port of Mokha coffees in 4 oz boxes for sale in specialty coffee retail and direct to consumer.”

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“The outer rigid box is wrapped in textured canvas paper with branding foiled in copper.

Upon opening the box, one side of base automatically drops flat, providing a thoughtful welcome to the user and allowing for each box to be removed effortlessly.

Each 4 oz box is wrapped in custom vat-dyed paper which is then blind embossed with a custom water ripple pattern that provides a luxurious and tactile feel.”

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Designed By: ManualManufacturer: UnekaClient: Port of MokhaLocation: San Francisco, California