Featured image for Fortnum & Mason's Tea Range Comes With a Delightful Set of Patterned Packaging

Fortnum & Mason's Tea Range Comes With a Delightful Set of Patterned Packaging

by Natalie Mouradian on 03/14/2018 | 3 Minute Read

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Otherway London designed this bright and elegant packaging for Fortnum & Mason’s range of premium tea. Colorful patterns make it easy for consumers to differentiate between the various flavors, while allowing the product to maintain a fun yet high-end look.

“Gloriously democratic, after water, tea is the world’s most widely consumed drink. For over 300 years Fortnum & Mason have been choosing only the finest of leaves to serve to people and palaces across the world. A Fortnum’s pot of tea, in whatever variety you pour, is no mere cuppa. Rather the distillation of an obsession, and the purest expression of a English legacy.”

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“Fortnum & Mason sought to appeal to a new generation of global tea drinkers, while still showcasing their expertise and heritage in tea.

Their ‘Tearistas’ developed Oddi-Teas – a range based on a high quality green and black tea base with innovative flavour profiles inspired by famous Fortnum & Mason treats, from biscuits to tipples, chocolates and sweets.”

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“Otherway collaborated with the Fortnum's team to create a new and exciting collection of packaging designs for Oddi-Teas. With a nod to the boldness and fun of the flavours, Fortnum's rich design aesthetic was developed into a bright, clean and abstract layout – each condensing the design inspiration of the flavours right down until they got to their purist, most iconic visual form.”

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“A highly technical print production was used, comprising of a series of multi-layered finishes, from embossing to foiling and colour specials to create a beautiful second look.

The range expanded Fortnum's new tea audience with the Gin & Tonic Oddi-Tea in particular featuring widely on social trend sites globally after launch and the first delivery of the collection completely selling out in store and online.”

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Designed By: Otherway London

Location: United Kingdom

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