Featured image for Candid Co Wants To Help You Get The Straight Smile of Your Dreams With Serious Style

Candid Co Wants To Help You Get The Straight Smile of Your Dreams With Serious Style

by Natalie Mouradian on 03/13/2018 | 4 Minute Read

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Uneka Concept & Bobby Ghoshal designed this simple yet shiny packaging for Candid, a brand that wants to help you make your straight teeth dreams come true. We love the rainbow foil details that elevate the look of the brand.

“Candid takes the art and science of aligning teeth to an entirely new level. Their do-it-yourself kit offers an at-home solution for straighter, brighter teeth through the use of clear aligners and whitening foam.”

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“Uneka’s job was to create packaging that helped build Candid's brand identity while elevating the moment of truth. Because the product is clinical in nature, we needed to ensure that the finished piece was authoritative, but not intimidating. It also needed to reflect Candid's casual, easy-going voice to further that feeling of friendliness and approachability. Our solution was to design packaging that was able to convey a message of simplicity, while at the same time, instilling a sense of order.”

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“For each of the three boxes created, we used premium uncoated papers in crisp white centered by the Candid logo in luminous, iridescent foil. The iridescent detailing became an anchor point for the branding DNA, with the pearlized effect subtly reinforcing emotionally, the impact the product can have on your smile.

The Candid products are typically a direct to consumer kit and the most important aspect of the product packaging was to ensure that the user had a superior, ease of use, step by step process to follow that would not diminish, but enhance the overall Candid experience from start to finish. Teeth alignment can take up to 24 months so that first impression, literally when the customer makes her own ‘first impression’, is as valuable as the time the last aligner is pulled out of the box up to 24 months later.”

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“The Candid team spent countless hours developing the best system approach to allow for the most intuitive, simple and elegant usage of their products. Uneka’s task was to ensure that every detail was executed harmoniously on each separately delivered part of the system. The Impression Kit led the customer through the unnerving task of taking your own impressions of your teeth. A taste typically handled at a dental office. Simplistic messaging carried the user from start to finish with carefully placed components, and a visual reinforcement of the details being carried out.

The next step for Uneka was to design the packaging used to deliver the finished product back to the customer, termed the Aligner Kit. An extension of the original box, the look needed to be cohesive while at the same time letting the recipient instantly know that there was something extra-special inside. The execution of the multi-level embossed logo on the outer lid elevated the experience, and the anticipation of the contents.”

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"Upon opening the box, customers will be greeted with a custom designed (by Uneka) injection molded aligner case, a bottle of premium whitening foam and partitions on the left that neatly organize numbered sets of aligners. Every slot is labeled based on ‘steps’ that the customer needs to complete before graduating to the next stage in the treatment process.

Our end products reinforce Candid's goal is to provide a premium, hassle-free experience for their customers. Through the use of choice paper, pearlescent and iridescent foils and smartly designed interiors that are well organized, we were able to establish a brand identity that is trustworthy, upbeat and user-friendly. Now that's something to smile about!”

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Designed By: Uneka Concept & Bobby Ghoshal

Photographer: Mark Olesko

Location: USA