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The Dieline's 2018 Trend Report: Brands Become Hyper-Personalized

by Natalie Mouradian on 02/27/2018 | 3 Minute Read

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Have you ever Googled a product and found an advertisement for it in your Facebook feed a just minutes later? Same here. Or maybe you were just thinking about buying something and you saw an ad for it on Instagram the next day.  Scary, right? It’s like the algorithms know you better than you know yourself (fact - they do).

But consumers aren’t just piles of data, and brands know that shoppers want to forge personal connections with the products they use every day. In order to do that, they need to curate an experience for every shopper. Consumer demand for personalization is on the rise, and the use of big data is enabling brands to go hyper-personalized.

These products are designed just for you.

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Personalization has always been central to the Vans brand, but they’ve recently unveiled a new machine that will take any pattern, photo, or design and apply it to a pair of shoes in less than 15 minutes!

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There’s been a growing popularity in personalized wellness kits and vitamin subscriptions, and Care/Of’s branding is leading the pack in terms of innovative packaging, and beautiful designs. Simple white packets labeled with each customer’s name, the exterior box uses an earth tone color palette of abstract shapes to create an aesthetic that feels about a thousand miles away from the multivitamin bottles you’d find on the shelves of your local GNC.

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Two22, is a high-end customized skin care line that reflects the unique and sophisticated nature of the product with silver foiling applied to the logotype, with an added pop of color on the interior of the all-white packaging.

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Function of Beauty

Function of Beauty takes customization to the next level with its personalized shampoo and conditioner formulas that are based on the specific texture of each customer’s hair. The clear and matte bottles, accented by silver caps and clean serif typography, let the individual pastel-hued formulations be the star.

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It was a swing and miss for Dove with their custom body wash bottles formed to match the individual shapes of their customers in their “Real Beauty” Bottles. In an attempt to get on the personalization bandwagon and embrace body diversity, they actually alienated consumers, and were relentlessly memed and criticized for it online.