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According To This Seed Brand "Good Things Come in Small Packages"

by Natalie Mouradian on 03/12/2018 | 3 Minute Read

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Here Design created this eye-catching packaging for Italian seed brand, Piccolo. The design is a nice play on a mosaic in the sense that the illustrations of the seeds are made up of small parts, reinforcing the notion that seeds can eventually come to form a greater whole.

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Piccolo is an Italian seed company specialising in offering select seeds for the more space-limited urban garden.

Perfectly Piccolo

The company offers varieties of vegetables and plants specially chosen for growing in small spaces: compact, dwarf varieties (like Slim Jim Aubergine and Spacemaster Cucumber), suitable for balconies and terrace garden spaces.

Here Design was invited to rebrand Piccolo’s company logo and packaging to make them even more relevant for their contemporary, urban and green-fingered audience.

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Concise Designs

Here’s big idea was to celebrate the way ‘good things come in small packages’, creating a brand marque made from seed-like dots arranged in a compact sieve-like roundel to emphasise the perfectly contained nature of the business.

Here designed a set of colourful tall and slim rectangular seed packages that incorporated a distinctive illustrative style using the dotted theme of the sieve icon and a rich and varied colour palette.

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The use of contemporary sans serif typography and infographics conveyed the brand’s urban modernity and friendly language helps makes the brand inviting and engaging.

Here Partner and designer, Mark Paton, says: “From the moment we saw these products we loved the idea of treating the design as a collection of miniature books that lure you in to detailed information about how to grow each variety.”

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Designed By: Here DesignLocation: Italy