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These Special Japanese Oranges Come With Adorable Packaging

by Natalie Mouradian on 03/07/2018 | 2 Minute Read

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We love this super adorable orange packaging that celebrates the prime orange crop from Japan.

“The city of Arida in the Wakayama prefecture is the famous production land of oranges in Japan. These oranges are rich in taste and peels are so thin that even babies can eat them. Their nature being delicate and difficult to grow, the production amount is very few. In fact, a shortage of orange growers’ population, including a decline of successors who are willing to take over the business, almost made the oranges disappear from the farm. But in 2009, their brand kicked off as ‘KINPACHI MIKAN’ and gradually became known throughout the nation.”

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“Among these oranges, KINPACHI MIKAN 1/100 is the astonishingly sweet and the finest graded orange that can be only found in the odds of one out of one hundred oranges. Due to its scarcity, you can’t get anywhere else but ‘Kadoya’ real store.”

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“By addressing an overall concept ‘one out of one hundred oranges’, the box is designed with the package with a simple orange icon. The carton box shows the fraction of 1/100 and depicts an image of the grove standing in the mountain slope. The inside box represents the one-and-only shiny orange.

In Japan, there is a gift-giving custom at the end of the year when you give presents as a way of showing gratitude. Especially oranges being such a perfect gift for winter, I have designed the package that will please both givers and recipients with a premium and an eye-catching layout.”

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Agency: MARUArt Directors: Koichi SugiyamaDesigner: Minako EndoLocation: Japan