Pepsi Really Wants You To Forget About That Kendall Jenner Thing So Here’s a Retro Can

by Bill McCool on 02/01/2018 | 1 Minute Read

Editorial photograph

With the world coming unglued on a daily basis, prying your eyes away from whatever fake or real news you’ve been gorging on is a near-Herculean task. So Pepsi wanted to remind you of those golden, carefree days.

You know, before the whole Kendall Jenner thing.

This past week, Pepsi rolled out their limited edition retro-packaging featuring the classic logo from the 70’s and 80’s, a cruel nod to those of us born before the 1990’s who could remember a world where their “old-timey” logo was plastered on soda fountains and drive-in movie theaters everywhere. Available in select markets, the retro-designs will be featured on the 2-liter and 20-oz. bottles, as well as 12-oz. can 12-packs.

In a press release, VP of Marketing Chad Stubbs said, “2018 will be a year to celebrate the past while embracing the future; always reminding consumers to do what they love and have a little fun in their lives.”

This is all part of their latest global creative campaign, Pepsi Generations, which according to the same press release is “a celebration of the brand's rich history in pop culture for 120 years.” Pepsi’s new advertising campaign will kick off this weekend during the Superbowl with two much-hyped commercials, one of which is a nostalgic redux of the infamous Cindy Crawford ad from 1992.

It’s a much-needed throwback for the iconic brand. After all, a little of the ol’ Britney and Michael magic can take the Kendall-shine off anything.

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