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The KFC Fire Log is Lit AF

by Rudy Sanchez on 12/18/2018 | 2 Minute Read

Winter is sprinkled with aromas of the season, from the pine of Christmas trees and the enduring smells of holiday staples like peppermint, orange, cloves and gingerbread. Even the cold can inspire you to light a fire and fill your home with a smoky warmth. 

Well, KFC wants to help you step your fire game up with their 11 herbs and spices fire log. Because shouldn't all fires smell like a plate of fried chicken?

This 5 lb Enviro-log, made from 100% recycled materials, promises to fill the air with the smell of fried chicken and promises to last nearly three hours. Unlike traditional fire logs, Enviro-logs are made from recycled cardboard and emit 30% fewer greenhouse gases and 80% carbon monoxide.

Enviro-logs can also be stored indefinitely, although it would probably take Herculean levels of self-restraint to burn one all day, every day. KFC cautions that while this fire log smells like fried chicken, it's not safe to eat and should be stored away from pets.

KFC is no stranger to holiday offerings. In Japan, KFC is a Christmas tradition where families preorder their meals well in advance (which can include a variety of sides, desserts, roasted chicken, even wine) of the holiday and statues of Colonel Sanders dressed as Santa grace their stores. These Christmas meals account for a third of annual sales for KFC in Japan.

If the thought of snuggling up to a fireplace while filling your home with the smell of fried chicken while nursing a piping hot mug of gravy sounds good, you’re unfortunately out of luck, because KFC sold out of the logs in hours.

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