Apple Introduces A Greener Mac

by Casha Doemland on 11/06/2018 | 2 Minute Read

Apple is still one of the largest tech companies in the world. According to Forbes, "the company saw $247.5 billion in sales, $53 billion in profit, $376.5 billion in assets and a market cap of $927 billion for the past year.

With outlandish numbers like that, you've got to wonder what kind of carbon footprint this company has on the world between production, manufacturing, transportation and customer use. Lucky for you, Apple is all about transparency and crunched the numbers to determine that 77% of their carbon footprint comes from manufacturing alone.

To further reduce their carbon footprint, Apple has launched a new MacBook Air that consists of a 100% recycled aluminum alloy shell.

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"We use aluminum because it has incredible strength, durability and for its sheer beauty. To achieve that we've had to rely on mining high purity ore," said Laura Grove, Apple's vice president of hardware engineering. "Apple's metallurgy team has designed an aluminum alloy that uses excess aluminum from the production process."

In other words, Apple breaks down the excess aluminum, re-engineers it down to an atomic level and creates a new alloy. As a result, the company is lowering their carbon emissions by 47 percent. Through this new production and manufacturing method, as well as switching over to renewable energy, Apple has managed to decrease its carbon footprint by 2.6 million metric tons.

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Apple didn’t stop there, and they’re also using 100% recycled tin in the motherboard as well as 35% post-consumer recycled plastic for internal bits.

The MacBook Air is also 10% thinner and weighs less than 340 grams, has a mercury-free LED-backlit display with arsenic-free display glass and comes packaged in an eco-friendly container. So, not only is the MacBook Air sleek, chic and ever-evolving in appearance and software, it's now making great strides in the environmental sphere to lessen its impact on the planet.

Makes you wonder, what will Apple do to one-up itself and tech market next?

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