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Treat Yourself-And Your Teeth-With Equre

by Casha Doemland on 11/26/2018 | 3 Minute Read

For children and even a few adults, brushing your teeth is a chore that must be done twice a day as recommended by your dentist. On top of that, you've got to floss those pearly whites and gargle some mouthwash every now and again just to keep things in tip-top shape. Plus, good breath is a beautiful thing.

Premium oral care brand Equre wants to flip the script and change the way you care for your teeth. To convey that message, Equre enlisted Russian design agency Repina Branding to develop the creative concept "Cult of a beautiful smile."

To bring the concept to life, they strayed from using traditional toothpaste tubes and opted for packets that come in slim, cylindrical containers which doubled as a travel case for your toothbrush as well.


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Walk us through the design process of Equre, how did you go from start to finish on this project?

We began the development of concepts with the theme of the whiteness of teeth, like color scales at dentists and formulas. All this resulted in kind of rethinking the periodic table, so we intentionally wrote the names in an abbreviated form.However, we were not completely satisfied with this concept. It seemed too obvious to us. We tried to put more emphasis on formulas and notation, so we decided to screw the concept.

Then we tested fashion-aesthetics in the form of typographic patterns, playing back the aspect of the premium segment.

Editorial photograph
Editorial photograph

The final concept presented to the client, in addition to the totems that were chosen, also included a space theme in which the icon for each tooth resembles an orbit. In the framework of the same concept, we proposed a non-standard implementation - packaging made from matte translucent plastic. The bottle would appear through the inside and due to an unusual material the packaging would compare favorably on the shelf among the classic cardboard boxes.

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Were the designs done digitally, or did you start with a pencil and paper and then scan them in? Additionally, did you create all the images yourself?

We came a long way before we found the perfect option. Designers brought me ideas, but I didn’t accept anything. Then one day, the designers sketched on paper this totem with a pencil. I screamed right away — this is brilliant! And we began to develop this concept in digital form, added a strip with tastes, and created a logo.

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Editorial photograph

What was one of the biggest goals you set out to achieve with the packaging and how did you accomplish it?

The main goal of this project is to reverse the traditional notions of dental care products. Create a game element interacting with the brand. We did it. When opening the tube opens the mouth of the totem.

What was it like working with Equre?

Between the product and charisma of Equre's owner Gleb Pekli,  the project was very exciting and one of my favorites this year. We took our great desires and created something extraordinary.

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