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B&B Studio Celebrates The Power Of Positive Addiction With FIX8

by Casha Doemland on 10/31/2018 | 3 Minute Read

Designed by B&B Studio, FIX8 immediately catches your eyes with the abstract designs and vivid colors displayed on the label. Kombucha start-up FIX8 launches in the UK this month, with new brand creation by design agency B&B studio. Available as a range of three core flavours – Triple Ginger, Strawberry Tulsi and Citrus Saffron – presented in glass bottles, FIX8 is a brand born from the idea of positive addiction.

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Feeding positive addiction

In a nod to the health benefits of kombucha – including improved digestive health and increased energy levels – the new identity for FIX8 appeals to the core kombucha consumer for whom wellness is a positive addiction, with a commitment to health trends that goes above and beyond the norm.

Whilst in wider consumer culture addiction is often paired with negative connotations, FIX8 flips this on its head and celebrates the power of positive addiction. Bold colours and graphics express the energizing sensation of consuming the drink, and layered, repeated imagery brings the identity to life – reflecting the living cultures within each bottle.

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Intense, compulsive, full of buzz

Following a rapid surge in consumer interest, the kombucha category has seen a wealth of new products entering the market. In this relatively undeveloped sector, many kombucha brands have taken design cues from other sectors such as beer, medicine and tea, defining their offer by what it isn’t.

Conversely, B&B studio’s new brand creation for FIX8 embodies everything that kombucha is with an identity that it is intense, compulsive and full of buzz. The agency is responsible for the brand’s positioning, name, visual identity, copywriting and packaging design.

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New category design codes

Shaun Bowen, Creative Partner at B&B studio, says: “When you look at the kombucha category, the same design codes appear again and again. A modern take on apothecary bottles, scientific language to explain the complex fermentation process and the languages of other beverages.

“The live cultures and unique taste of kombucha are widely-known to result in a ‘buzz’ when consumed and the identity for FIX8 reflects this with a vibrant colour palette, a direct tone of voice and graphic, layered imagery to evoke an obsessive, addictive feel. With FIX8 we wanted to celebrate the commitment of buzz seekers – the core consumers in the wellness sector addicted to a healthy lifestyle.”

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Freya Twigden, FIX8 founder, comments: “Working with B&B studio has taken our kombucha to a whole new level! One that absolutely captures everything I love about the product and the lifestyle it represents. Kombucha is without a doubt my positive addiction, I’m obsessed and constantly inspired by the product. Creating a brand that articulated and matched this sentiment was a huge priority for me, and B&B did just that.”

FIX8 is available in a growing number of outlets including Triyoga Camden, Catalyst and Volcano Coffee. For more info on flavours, founder’s story and all things fermentalism head to

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