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Stay Cool, Calm & Collected With Recess CBD Infused Seltzer Water

by Casha Doemland on 10/25/2018 | 2 Minute Read

Seltzers and sparkling waters are a hot commodity, between big name brands like La Croix, San Pellegrino and Perrier running the market on the non-alcoholic side, and the introduction of spiked seltzers like White Claw, SpikedSeltzer and Svedka Spiked Premium Selzter on the other.

Now, there's a new player stepping up to the plate with the goal of keeping you cool, calm and collected. Founded by Ben Witte,  Recess is a CBD and adaptogen infused seltzer designed to be part of your daily routine.

Unlike THC, CBD or cannabinol is a non-psychoactive cannabis compound commonly used for pain relief, anxiety and stress, sleep issues and more. As for adaptogens, they’re essentially herbs and mushrooms that have been part of Ayurvedic, Chinese and alternative medicine for years which promote balance.

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The three adaptogens found in Recess are American Ginseng which helps you focus and improves your memory, L-theanine to reduce stress and Schisandra to boost your immune system and improve mood. Paired with 10 mg of Colorado-sourced hemp extract or CBD, you’ve got a cocktail ready for extreme chilling.

As of now, Recess is available in 3 flavors, Peach Ginger, Pom Hibiscus and Blackberry Chai and can be purchased online at Recess' website in an 8-pack of a single flavor for $39.99, or a six-can variety pack for $30. Between the price and the totally Instagrammable packaging, it’s perfect for a bonfire at the beach, movie night with the gang or a chill afternoon, reading in the park.

To fight any stigma associated with CBD, Witte plans to release profiles on creatives who find productivity and flow with the help of Recess, as well as provide tips and tricks throughout their website and social media channels to help educate and raise awareness.

Of course, everyone’s body reacts differently, so while one person may feel relaxed, another person may be ready for a horizontal nap in bed. Whatever your flavor or mood, Recess is there to help you chill responsibility.