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Dry Run Is Serving Up Natural Artisanal Honey

by Natalie Mouradian on 10/02/2018 | 2 Minute Read

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Dry Run Honey Company, a boutique apiary nestled between Maryland’s Catoctin Mountain and South Mountain, has a passion and commitment to producing quality artisan raw honey from organically kept bees. Unfiltered and unheated, the way nature intended—no nonsense between the hive and the kitchen.Dry Run Honey turned to Octavo Designs to develop the packaging design for a new line of premium honeys set to hit shelves in late 2018. They wanted something truly unique—a design that would not only showcase the nature of their exceptional product and the passion that goes into it but one that will stand out in a growing market. With a project this fun and delicious, the Octavo team found themselves abuzz with some pretty sweet concepts. In the end, we let the honey do a lot of the talking and let the packaging celebrate the beauty of nature and the fruits of its labor.

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Starting with the bottle itself, we wanted to honor the origin of honey—we turned to Baltimore Glass Decorators to silkscreen Dry Run Honey’s delicate wildflower illustration directly onto the jars. This provided a stunning canvas for the clean, modern lid closure label and jar label, tying everything together in a beautiful and cohesive way. From top to bottom, each feature of this design connects. The lid closure label tops everything off, honoring Dry Run Honey’s brandmark enclosed within a signature honeycomb, and down its slender side, the company’s tagline, “PURE. LOCAL. SWEET.” We carefully designed this label to merge perfectly with the wrap-around jar label that showcases the Dry Run Honey logo, series’ flavor, apiarist’s signature, and important raw honey instructions. The added bonus of the silk-screened illustration and the label’s strategic low placement: eye-catching golden refractions produced by the wildflower that shines through the golden honey within. Dry Run Honey Company’s approach to beekeeping inspired our team’s approach to this project. We wanted a look and feel that stays true to their philosophy and appeals to their target market: those who take pride in local, artisan products. Honey-lovers who appreciate all things organic, simple, and sweet will appreciate showcasing these remarkable jars.

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Designed By: Octavo Designs

Creative Director: Sue HoughSenior Designer: Lisa GorhamGraphic Designer: Cory McNameeSilk Screen Printer: Baltimore Glass Decorators

Printer: Label Aid

Location: Frederick, Maryland, USA