Branding for a Plant Based, Dairy-Free Drink: Hälsa Oatgurt™

by Casha Doemland on 10/17/2018 | 1 Minute Read


Designed by Wink, Hälsa offers a delicious oatgurt – a dairy-free, plant-based yogurt – that serves up a ray of sunshine and flavor with each and every design. 

"The name Hälsa (Swedish for health) is the maker of America’s first Oatgurt. The product is completely free and clean of all chemicals. A plant-based, dairy-free yogurt made with organic Scandinavian whole grain oats, live cultures, prebiotics with organic berries and fruits. "


"While creating the branding and packaging, we wanted to capture a sense of the being outside. The design is visually bright and playful. The logo is a radiating sun—a symbol of the outdoors. Colored caps provide flavor cues on each bottle, where watercolor, hand-drawn illustrations, and typography reinforce the playful nature of Hälsa."


Agency - Wink

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