Society Makes Housecleaning A Work Of Art

by Rudy Sanchez on 10/08/2018 | 2 Minute Read

Most people keep their household goods under the sink or otherwise hidden away when they're not using them. And frankly there’s a good reason why: most cleaning products aren’t designed to be on display in the home. The packaging is designed to capture our eye in the store, not sit on the counter as a constant reminder we really should tidy up the joint.

Society is looking to change all that with their new line of affordable and all-natural products. Their business model is similar to Costco’s where customers pay an annual membership (in Society’s case $99/year) for access to a marketplace of exclusive items at a lower cost than other retailers. Society claims that by selling direct to consumer, their members save over 30% on similar green products bought at traditional retailers.

Editorial photograph
Editorial photograph

The packaging, inspired by modern abstract and minimal art, was designed by Aron Fay, founder of FAY, a graphic design consultancy based in NYC with clients ranging from MIT Media Lab to Verizon.

The labels make use of geometric shapes and minimal colors to create bold designs that look at-home, well, in your modern home. If the home happens to be a gaudy, faux-Louis XIV penthouse, not so much.

While annual membership dues are $99 a year, Society is running an Indiegogo campaign to get attention for their new line of products, offering backers a lifetime membership starting at $45.

Society is ticking off all the boxes for Millennials and Gen Z consumers: value-priced, all-natural, sold online and direct-to-consumer and they even have exceptional packaging design to match.

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