Dirty Lemon’s New Gorgeous, Glittery Beverages for 2018

by Theresa Christine Johnson on 01/08/2018 | 3 Minute Read

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Did you make a New Year’s resolution to be healthier in 2018? Dirty Lemon has you covered! With these sparkling new drinks get ready for your healthiest (and most glittery) year yet.

“The perfect way to kick off 2018, DIRTY LEMON x Vogue are teaming up to make all your KiraKira and ‘new year new you’ dreams come true by adding two new formulas to Dirty Lemon’s suite of lemon-based functional beverages. Consumers will be able to purchase the collaborative bottles exclusively through Dirty Lemon here. Each case includes free priority shipping and a 1 year subscription to Vogue for $65.”

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“The DIRTY LEMON x Vogue Gold and Rose Gold are both formulated with a blend of ginger and the brand’s signature lemon elixir to support the immune system and deliver a potent dose of Vitamin C—which we could all use more of during peak cold and flu season.”

Dirty Lemon’s CEO Zak Normandin mentioned, “We’re extremely excited to be partnering with Vogue for this innovative beverage collaboration. Dirty Lemon exists at the intersection of fashion, food, and technology. Our brand is inspired everyday by the iconic imagery, lifestyle, and influence that embodies the Vogue brand,” says Dirty Lemon’s CEO Zak Normandin.

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Negar Mohammadi, Vogue Director of Brand Marketing added, “With our January focus on Wellness, we're excited to launch a limited-edition product with Dirty Lemon, leveraging their innovative distribution method to reach our consumer in new ways.”

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