Moerie Is Bringing The Natural Vibes With Rich Brown Packaging

by Natalie Mouradian on 02/13/2018 | 3 Minute Read

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Moon Troops designed the packaging for Moerie, a high-end hair care brand. With rich brown coloring and humanist typography, the overall feel is one that is natural and organic, reinforcing the quality of the ingredients found within the product.

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“The Moerie product line contains an overall feeling of naturalness, luxury and unique composition. Creating the packaging concept for this product carried us away 100 years into the past inside a small Provence pharmacy where everything was carefully mixed and iconic brown glass medical bottles were filled with all natural contents and would find themselves in customer’s hands. As well as a natural past, the splendour of the modern day fashion industry also was great influence creating this concept.”

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“‘Only what matters the most’ – is the main idea behind this design. All the superfluous elements were eliminated leaving only parts that customer cares about. A lot of attention was paid to materials, printing technologies and quality while graphic contents minimized.

Brown glass and stiff brown plastic bottles were selected as the primary packaging. All the necessary information is screen printed in yellow. Brown and yellow are the main colors of the brand that convey the message that the product is natural, historic and earthy.  Finally, everything is put together in a secondary packaging box with a drawer to maintain a luxurious feel and to add emotional value.”

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“Removing boundaries between uniqueness and purpose was main point executing this project. Easy to use dispensers were used with shampoo and conditioner bottles, which allows the consumer to use the product without unscrewing the cap. A jar of hair mask was made to be as wide as possible for an easy to use experience. The luxury drawer box not only created additional emotional value but served perfectly as a gift box.

One of the biggest challenges was to join in many ways different qualities – naturalness, luxury and fashion. After executing deep research we came up with the perfect solution by selecting natural colours, a historic style and a modern format. Another problem solved – conveying product assets and not overcrowding the packaging.”

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Designed By: Moon TroopsCreative Director: Motiejus Gaigalas Graphic Design: Motiejus Gaigalas Copywriter: Radvile Linksmuole Potography: Marius ZiciusLocation: Lithuania

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