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This Gorgeous Scarf Aims To Bring The Gift of Peace

by Natalie Mouradian on 01/31/2018 | 4 Minute Read

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Nero Graphic Atelier has designed this beautiful gift as a 2017 Christmas present. Peace has Come is a scarf that aims to bring peace by creating a work of art that represents the gorgeous result of what happens when different cultures come together.

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“Peace is something very expensive to get. Although we have a lot of material but it can not always guarantee us to have it. Because peace is centered in our hearts. Being a concern, when peace in the land of the earth must be torn apart because some unscrupulous people who make a difference as a threat and not serve as an opportunity to synergize. And that is the rationale behind the design work of Peace on earth & Peace in the heart made.”

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“Peace has Come - Project Natal 2017 done by two children of the nation who collaborate with each other, regardless of religion, skin, tribe but synergize each other to make a work to remind that peace is a very important thing to get together. Indonesia's cultural wealth has made batik more and more wealthy in its design. A contemporary batik work designed specifically to celebrate Christmas 2017, and serve as Nero Atelier for a Christmas present.

The use of some cultures that are mixed epically with the christmas story adds to the beauty in the work entitled Peace has Come - Tentrem ing Earth, Tentrem ing ati.”

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Designed By: Nero Graphic AtelierCreative Director: Yohanes Raymond Designer: Yohanes Raymond Illustration: Harun RosyidLocation: Indonesia