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These Tools Come With a Striking Look That is Sure To Appeal To Consumers

by Natalie Mouradian on 01/30/2018 | 3 Minute Read

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Parsons Branding designed the packaging for Topline Tools. The design stands out due to its use of a bold blue against white, making for an eye-catching solution sure to catch the eye of the consumer. Linework illustrations also help identify what each product is, making for a clear and concise way to find what tools you’re looking for.

“Topline Tools has sourced and curated an automotive range for the hardware and DIY shopper so that they experience top quality at value-for-money, accessible prices. We were tasked with the development of product packaging for this new range, using it as a pilot showcase of their new brand identity.”

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“We set our sights on creating a stand-out family of packaging that is super easy to shop. A simple, bold and uncluttered identity makes product identification a cinch and we rewrote the traditional assembly and usage instructions to communicate on-pack info in a user-friendly way. To add even more value to the shopper experience, we included custom-designed product illustrations on every pack.”

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“Finally, an affordable automotive range that isn’t designed to look cheap. This range stands out on shelf, disrupting the visually manic hardware environment and empowers the customer to make informed buying decisions through real and relevant product information.”

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Agency: Parsons BrandingCreative Director: Craig Parsons Designer: Craig Parsons Client: Topline Tools Photography: Pure StudiosLocation: Ballito, South Africa