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Let Doggo Eat in Style with this Elegantly Designed Dog Food Tins

by Theresa Christine Johnson on 01/24/2018 | 4 Minute Read

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When you think of future food, you might imagine products like Soylent, Oliphen, or even supplements like Abacus. But what about future food for your pup?

That’s where ROCKETO comes in. The food closely mimics how a dog might eat in the wild, but everything upgraded with super nutrients which help dogs survive in a modern environment. The food is free of toxins and made using ingredients only in their natural form. What makes ROCKETO really stand out, though, is its packaging.

“Tins are not the most sexy packaging to work with,” commented Arunas Matacius at SHOO NATURAL. It might not have been their first choice of packaging, but it was viewed, instead, as a challenge. “Tins are usually considered to be for ‘leftover’ products, we had to upgrade the packaging to represent high-end organic dog food inside. That is how minimalism and colors got their part on packaging.”

Arunas credits these types of restrictions of a design brief as the factors for what propels it forward. “Everything, as any other creative process, usually starts from constraints. ROCKETO upgraded organic dog food was designed for direct deliver and in tailor-made portions for every dog owner. That means we had to think how to make easy portioning.”

The look is surprisingly sophisticated, certainly helped by the dog characters which first appeared on their all-natural shampoos. As you might have guessed, team members have their own fur babies, which actually inspired those characters. “These all dogs on packaging our own dogs we spend our life with,” added Arunas. “The illustrations were made by amazing artist Gediminas Siaulys from PetPunk Lab.

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“As more and more humanization rises as a trend in the pet industry, putting our own dogs on packaging seemed like a good idea from a start. Moreover, our dogs (and their problems) were the catalyst to start dog businesses.”

The small little details all proved to be the main challenge throughout finishing the project. SHOO NATURAL wanted to prove that even high-end organic premium product can be packed in a tin. To achieve it, they had to be confident in doing something different.

“Most of the dog product designs are conservative and afraid to experiment,” explained Arunas. “We even got some comments from partners around the world that our packaging is too brave. Customers are used to see real photos of real dogs on packagings, or they are not used to these kind of brave colors. But ROCKETO and SHOO NATURAL products are innovative and have a goal to change attitude in a healthy way of living in general, so packaging has to be the same—brave enough to start a discussion.”

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But why bother being brave with dog food? After all, canines don’t have the refined sensibilities humans have. Or do they? “Recently, I read an article about scientific research where they questioned if dog's have the some thoughts as human. Like: do they plan 5 year goals or do they dream about,” Arunas mentioned. “The interesting part is, that we do not know now! So, why not to give them something beautiful too? Maybe they are appreciating that, but just we do not know.”

And we don’t know. Maybe elegant, healthy dog future food seems like a silly idea, but that’s part of why it’s so genius.

The key to making ROCKETO really work is its simplicity. Adorable illustrations and a transparent ingredient list make it unique without appearing overly busy. “Don’t overthink things,” Arunas added as the biggest lesson learned while working on the project. “Simple is very complex.”

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