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Check Out The Gorgeous Packaging For This High-End Cannabis Edible Brand

by Natalie Mouradian on 01/29/2018 | 3 Minute Read

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With marijuana legalization sweeping the United States, there’s now an influx of beautiful cannabis packaging hitting the scene, and this gorgeous packaging for Dovana edibles is a perfect example. San Francisco based agency Noise13 was responsible for the intricate and elegant design to help put this high-end cannabis brand on the map.

“Recognizing white space in the evolving edibles market, the founders of Dovana came to us with a vision of a sophisticated cannabis-infused caramel. The mom and pop duo already had an artisanal-level recipe and wanted to collaborate with us to create a brand strategy, name, and packaging system to match.”

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“Our work with Dovana began with a quick D&A session, where we zeroed in on a specific target audience for the brand: female to androgynous, 30-70 years in age, new and existing cannabis users. To appeal to this demographic, we determined that both the name and brand personality needed to exude luxury but still be approachable — could we inspire people to replace their after-work glass of wine with a Dovana caramel instead?

The naming process was relatively efficient as the client came to us with a few ideation themes in mind. We landed on the name ‘Dovana,’ which means ‘gift’ in Lithuanian. It’s a hint at the family’s heritage, as well as a way to subtly acknowledge the restorative and relaxing effects of cannabis. The logo reflects this meaning — it has a sense of indulgence, with custom lettering that swooshes and swirls, reminding us of the soft and lavish caramels themselves.”

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“When it came to packaging, the real challenge was to effectively (and beautifully) communicate the complex levels of cannabis-related information. Although Dovana is only launching with their vanilla caramels, they eventually want to explore confections infused with different types of cannabis, cannabinoids, flavors … and potentially, even different products. With this expansion in mind, as well as the ever-changing cannabis compliancy laws, we designed a system to make future growth as simple and cost effective as possible. Variable information lives on a label that is applied to a universal box, making inevitable content updates quick and affordable without sacrificing style.

With a delicious product made with love — and now, a brand to match — Dovana is set to distinguish itself as a luxury edible cannabis brand in what is soon to be a saturated market. As the company grows, it will easily be able to work within the existing brand to expand its line of products without breaking the bank.”

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Designed By: Noise13

Location: San Francisco, CA