Green Gate London is Beautiful Inside and Out

by Theresa Christine Johnson on 01/25/2018 | 3 Minute Read

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The idea behind Green Gate London is simple: keep things natural and shine from the inside out. Designed by Parker Williams Ltd, the look captures the essence of wellness with distinct colors, botanical illustrations, and a little bit of gold foil to add some elegance.

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“Our client, Innessa Bauer (Founder of Green Gate London) approached us with her range of premium health and beauty brand with a motivating wellness proposition. It blends 50 raw natural superfoods into one simple and convenient shake to replenish enzymes and boost the immune system. This is a great story of care and attention to detail as she lovingly sticks the actual labels on each bottle herself. The brand has done so well that she now has her own little shop in Arundel and a great website which she has redone to fit with the identity.”

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“The challenge was to distil the brand’s philosophy in a powerful and distinctive marque. Our design solution is elegant, beautiful and further develops the equity of the illustrative nature of the product, created with the images of the superfoods themselves. Green Gate is now in the top 4 best selling brands in Harrod’s Pharmacy.”

Editorial photographEditorial photographEditorial photograph

The story continues….

“The brand has now taken the bold step into Health & Beauty. It has launched an organic skincare range which is positioned as everyday indulgence and affordable beauty. The price point is not premium high end as the Signature wellbeing shakes but the products themselves use the finest ingredients from around the world. There is a range for Men and a small but growing range of scented candles.”

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Designed by: Parker Williams Ltd

Creative Director: Jo Saker

Design Director: Andrew Fice

Senior Account Director: Jay Hepburn

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