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Rediscover The Joy of Baking With Mortons Flour

by Natalie Mouradian on 10/02/2017 | 3 Minute Read

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AVB Brand has teamed up with Andrews Flour in order to redesign the branding and packaging for this traditional North Irish product.

"Mortons has been providing flour in Northern Ireland since 1835 and to this day it continues to be stocked by Northern Ireland’s leading supermarkets and grocers. The objective of this project was to re-position and re-brand Mortons as the leading premium local flour in NI while also actively targeting a younger audience. Research showed that there was an upward trend in younger people taking up baking. The client was seeking a phased re-brand with initial packaging redesign followed by campaign activity and website redevelopment."

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"We spent time with the management and marketing team to completely understand the challenges of milling, packing, distributing and selling flour in NI. We also went on a site visit to the mill to see exactly how the flour is made and packed. 

Having come to terms with the history, core brand values and product quality, we then proposed and conducted a full brand audit including brand interviews, desk research, market trends analysis and audience profiling. Following this we began the development of the new brand strategy and positioning, the brand identity and new pack designs."

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"To get new audiences to engage with a traditional product, a new style and tone was established for the brand. A new logo was created with a modern take on the company’s existing early bird symbol (something they were keen to retain). 

We created s series of playful pack illustrations, showing a range of baking scenarios including cakes, pies, pizza dough and soda bread in which illustration and photographic collage were combined in an attempt to encourage shoppers to discover (or rediscover) the joys of home baking."

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"A new range of new brand colours was selected to help differentiate products including wheaten bread mix, self-raising, plain, wholemeal and soda bread flour. More content was introduced onto the packs to bring as much added value to the consumer as possible including recipes and an on-pack story telling how Mortons flour comes from the only remaining independent flour milling company in Northern Ireland with 295 years of history."

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Agency: AVB BrandClient: Andrews FlourDesigners: John McDermott, Chris Killeen and Shane Carmichael Illustrations: Shane Carmichael, John McDermott Brand Strategy: Brendan Gallen Printer: Active PackagingLocation: Belfast, Northern Ireland

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