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This Wooden Calendar Will Look Great On Any Desk

by Natalie Mouradian on 09/28/2017 | 4 Minute Read

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POST has designed the packaging for DodeCal, a unique wooden take on the calendar that is sure to sit pretty on your office desk.

“DodeCal is a wooden polyhedra calendar, designed with mathematical precision, hand-finished in high quality American Cherry.

A tactile, three dimensional object that combines functionality and contemporary design, DodeCal makes a welcome addition to any home or workplace.”

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“What started out as a quick idea scribbled in a notebook, after many prototypes, samples and trials, resulted in a partnership between 3 people all with very individual skill sets.

DodeCal is designed in London and manufactured deep in the hills of the Lake District, with timber sourced from from sustainably managed forests from across the world.

Our production process celebrates the union of modern design, traditional woodworking and digital technology.”

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“Revealing the dodecahedron shape from a single block of material was one of the biggest challenges facing the team.

After much hard work, determination and the help of one team member’s Degree in Mathematics, we worked out how to masterfully slice the shape into reality.

Once roughly cut, the calendars get machine-sanded then individually hand-sanded with fine grade papers, before under going two coats of Osmo oil to create a smooth and sealed finish.

The dodecahedron is then mapped into the computer software, where each side is laser engraved, rotating the calendar 12 times by hand in-between each month.”

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Designed By: POSTClient: DodeCalLocation: London, UK