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Brand Spotlight: Detroit’s Own Design Company, TAIT Design Co.

by Theresa Christine Johnson on 10/02/2017 | 2 Minute Read

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TAIT Design Co., an independent product design studio based in Detroit, MI is helping to revitalizing the city, one Balsa wood flyer at a time. TAIT’s beautifully engineered model airplane kit was chosen as one of 2013’s best-designed products by the AIGA National Gallery, and has since spawned several other nostalgic yet modern toys and collectables.

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Matt Tait, founder of TAIT Design Co. says he left the corporate world of advertising to start his own his own company after honing his woodworking and metalworking skills at a local maker-space. With the success of his vintage-inspired product line, Matt has also gone on to Co-found the Detroit Kite Festival, which partners with other local organizations and food vendors to celebrate the culture and history of city through, “radical inclusion, communal play, and shared healing.”

We spoke with Matt about how he took his woodworking practice from hobby to full-fledged business, and to see what’s next for TAIT Design Co. Stay tuned for more articles at TAIT Design Co. this week

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