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Take Your Tunes on the Go With Intermono

by Natalie Mouradian on 10/17/2017 | 2 Minute Read

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Intermono is a Korean brand that specializes in creating unique wooden speakers. MINI is their newest line of speakers, and comes with fun packaging that features flat-style illustrations with a limited color palette.

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“This is my 2nd time doing an artist collaboration with Korean brand INTERMONO and for this task I was chosen to do the packaging design for the second series of speakers called MINI. 

The design is based on urban, outgoing, nature loving people who are ready for new adventures every day. Mini is useful and movable for outdoors as well as indoors because it uses a rechargeable lithium battery.” 

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“MINI speakers are held in the white box designed with a cool adventure and outdoor pattern. The product target is between 20's ~ 35's sophisticated people that love D.I.Y. and like showing their personal tastes and are nature lovers. 

The whole concept of the design and packaging is simple and symbolic and stands in clear and natural color tone, since the speaker is made of wood.” 

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Chief Operating Officer: Yonhee Jeon, INTERMONO Location: South Korea

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