Channel Your Inner Femme Fatale With This Intriguing Wine

by Natalie Mouradian on 11/08/2017 | 2 Minute Read

Editorial photograph

These striking wines feature labels made up of intriguing and feminine collages, playing on the “femme fatale” trope.

Editorial photographEditorial photographEditorial photograph

“Fatal Wine is small batch Malbec wine from Mendoza, Argentina. It's a unique wine with 3 different labels, because one wasn't enough to express the sensuality of the woman figure. The main objective in this design was to transmit the sensual attitude of the classic ‘Femme Fatale’ from pop culture, but without being too obvious or showing much. There is just enough to catch people’s eyes and make them wonder what they are looking at.”

Editorial photograph

Designed By: Miguel Quiroga

Location: Argentina

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