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How Pavement Created A True Original for Henry’s Original

by Natalie Mouradian on 09/20/2017 | 4 Minute Read

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Henry’s Original prides themselves on being farmers first and foremost, and their heirloom cannabis is grown under the strictest of standards. When it came to designing the packaging for the brand, they wanted something that reflected their folksy nature as well as the superior quality of their product.

We got a chance to speak with creative director Michael Hester of Pavement and he shared some of his thoughts on the project.

Walk us through the design process that you went through for this project.

Michael Hester: Our design process started with a kick-off meeting where we discussed with the client what they were hoping to achieve with their brand. We discovered that they were hoping to create a brand that highlighted the quality of the product. Henry Original prides themselves as cannabis farmers first and foremost, having run a successful cannabis plant nursery in Mendocino County, CA for many years, so communicating this authenticity was critical. 

With this kind of attention to detail in mind, we then created branding options that reflected the superior quality of Henry's Original heirloom cannabis and modest nature of its founders. After feedback from the client and a few rounds of revisions, we landed on a final brand reminiscent of vintage apothecary labels that used wordy front panel product call-outs as part of the design aesthetic. 

We then conceptualized and designed custom box structures constructed of natural papers and fine gold foil details intended to lend a sophisticated appearance to this unpretentious brand. We then helped the client identify an appropriate production vendor and oversaw the production process from prototyping through completion.

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What was one of the biggest goals you set out to achieve with Henry's Original Heirloom Cannabis packaging and how did you accomplish it?

Michael Hester: The biggest goal was to communicate the superiority and quality of their product. We did this by creating a brand that felt honest and straightforward. It didn't need to be gimmicky or overly trendy. We achieved this through the creation of a custom box structure and brand aesthetic that felt sophisticated but firmly reflecting their farming roots.

What was the most challenging part of this project?

Michael Hester: The biggest challenge was finding the fine balance between creating a brand that felt sophisticated, but still communicated the brand's humble origins. It needed to appeal to customers that we're seeking a quality product but didn't feel pretentious in doing so.

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With more and more cannabis packaging hitting the scene, how did you make Henry's stand apart from such a crowded field?

Michael Hester: Henry's stands apart with its custom packaging structures and high-quality production. Every detail is considered on this package which helps communicate the quality of the product. That quality will naturally allow this brand to rise to the top.

If you could pick one aspect of the finished design that you like the most or feel especially proud of, what would it be and why?

Michael Hester: The registration of the 'Henry's' logotype in relation to the gold diamond shapes of the logo. This is no easy production feat to perfectly register two separate foil hits. Warneke Paper Box of Denver, CO did an amazing job realizing our packaging vision.

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Share one lesson that you learned while developing the finished product.

Michael Hester: Spending the time to properly prototype the custom structures was invaluable. We went through a number of iterations to the box structure before landing on the final versions. Ease of assembly had to be considered along with the quality of appearance and cost. It's a give-and-take balance, but working closely with your client during this stage will allow for a package that will last through a number of merchandising and fulfillment scenarios, while still being cost-efficient.

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