Agder is a Beer Inspired By The White Houses of South Norway

by Natalie Mouradian on 10/12/2017 | 2 Minute Read

Editorial photograph

Norwegian agency Frank Kommunikasjon designed this eye-catching packaging for Agder Bryggeri, a historic local brewery.

Editorial photograph Editorial photograph

"The spirit of Agder

Agder Bryggeri is one of the many historic breweries around Norway. The brewery fell on hard times and went out of business in 1904, but has now been brought back to life by Norske Bryggerier (Norwegian Breweries) and is part of the company´s local beer strategy. This beer is to be sold only in the southern region of Norway (Agder)."

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"The concept is inspired by the Agder area with its white houses, good sailing and long history and tradition. The design was built around a typographic handcrafted logo that should reflect this. The predominant use of white is unusual for a beer design, but it makes the beer stand out in what can be a dark and over designed category."

Editorial photograph Editorial photograph

Agency: Frank KommunikasjonDesign: Geir Lysbakken Foto: Erik Fuglseth & Adam ReadLocation: Oslo


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