Insoapropirate is the Inappropriate Soap Crafted to Cleanse All the Senses

by Natalie Mouradian on 08/29/2017 | 5 Minute Read

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Sid Lee, a creative agency known for pushing boundaries, has developed a collection of soap that is beyond ordinary. Introducing Insoapropriate, a collection of inappropriate soap made to cleanse all your senses, but not to be used as intended.

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The Insoapropriate collection is an all-natural, vegan product and is handcrafted in the heart of Montreal. Scented with pure essential oils and certified organic fragrances, these geometric gems are inspired to cleanse the 5 senses:

  • Stellar Vision: Inspired by the sense of sight, these globes of glycerine are individually scented with the pairings of gardenia & black spruce and lily of the valley & eucalyptus. But use these soap with caution; or you just might see red.
  • Premium Palate: Inspired by the sense of taste, this tantalizing semicircle is scented with geranium that has a lot of bite. But use it with caution; it’s a little toxic and a new kind of bitter.
  • Crystalline Hearing: Inspired by the sense of hearing, this cone shape is infused with vetiver, brings a new meaning to cleaning between the ears. But use it with caution; what starts as a tickle might become an affliction.
  • Sublime Smell: Inspired by the sense of smell, this invasive shape offers a rush of thuya &balsam. But use this soap with caution: if something smells fishy, it’s because it is. 
Editorial photographEditorial photographEditorial photographEditorial photographEditorial photographEditorial photographEditorial photograph

“We were challenged to come up with a distinctive idea for our corporate gift; something that would be in tune with how our agency works” says Solène Lavigne-Lalonde, Corporate Marketing Director for Sid Lee. “We came up with a refreshing idea, a soap collection. Fromconceptualization to final production, amid lots of fun and collaboration across our multidisciplinary teams, Insoapropriate flourished into a unique and unexpected gift.”

Editorial photographEditorial photograph

“We wanted to take soap to a place it’s never been” says Simon Chénier-Gauvreau, Creative Director at Sid Lee. “Form is meant to follow function, in this case dysfunction. Insoapropriate is a satirical take on design, it is an evocative product that contextually shouldn’t exist.”

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Agency: Sid LeeCreative Director: Simon Chénier-Gauvreau      Senior Art Director: Nadine BrunetCorporate Marketing Director: Solène Lavigne-LalondeCorporate Marketing Coordinator: Alexandre GeoffrionCopywriter: Thierry Faucher3D Artist: Carolyne LoubertStudio Producer (Video): Marc DesjardinsVideographer and Video Editor: Thomas FortierMotion Designer (Video): Raphael Laflamme ThibaultCopywriter (Video): Melodie KaramaStudio Product Owner (Website): Caroline Royer                       Frontend Developer (Website): Maxime Daoust, Frédéric Landry

Photographer (Box Only): Thanh PhamSoap Producer: Faveur Savons BioMolds: Robocut StudioPhotographer Nik Mirus, l’ÉloiAssistant: Marc-Antoine DuboisPhoto Production : Karyne Bond, l’ÉloiAssistant Production: Thomas Salaun, l'ÉloiPhotographer : Mathieu Fortin, l’ÉloiAssistants: Drew Hadley, Jeremy BobrowPhoto Production : Karyne Bond, l’ÉloiAssistant Production : Thomas Salaun, l'ÉloiHair & Makeup Artist : Jessica Lablanche, FolioModèles: Yemi, Angelica (Dulcedo), Esther (Dulcedo) 

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