Check Out This Beer That Was Inspired By a French Proverb

by Natalie Mouradian on 08/30/2017 | 2 Minute Read

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 Yannick Martin has designed the packaging for Peau de l’Ours, a beer directly from the South of France that takes inspiration from a French proverb.

“‘Peau de l’Ours’, meaning ‘bearskin’ in French, is a traditional beer from the South of France. The name refers to the French saying ‘Il ne faut pas vendre la peau de l’ours avant de l’avoir tué’, which means ‘Don't count your chickens before they're hatched.’

From this starting point, we decided to offer a beer that we could drink to celebrate an event or an award that isn’t confirmed or received yet. ‘Peau de l’Ours’ is then a way we could drink to congratulate friends about a prize that hasn’t come yet.”

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“The chosen design simply focuses on a very minimal and playful illustration of a Bear in order to efficiently illustrate it. A saying is also added underneath the bear: ‘Peau de l’ours, la bière qu’on boit pour ne pas vendre la peau de l’ours’ which translates as ‘Bearskin, the beer we drink to not sell the bearskin’; referring once again to the well known French proverb.”

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“A minimal geometric pattern makes up the background of the illustrated bear, making a reference to the oats, and contributes to create the elegant, delicate but charismatic identity of this homemade beer. A unique turquoise colour contrasting with the bottle along with an added clean typographic composition, together create this modern, attractive design. Simple but elegant, the visual identity wanted to focus on the fact that the beer is traditional and does not compromise on its quality.

‘Peau de l’Ours’ is a beer that asserts its will to be singular without being casual.”

Editorial photograph

Designed By: Yannick MartinLocation: France


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