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Union Wine Company’s Riesling Radler is Summer in a Can

by Theresa Christine Johnson on 08/24/2017 | 2 Minute Read

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Union Wine Company’s latest release is perfect for a summer day. The Riesling Radler (a delicious combo of Riesling, grapefruit and other flavors) comes in a colorful can that feels like it will transport you to the tropics.

Michael Etter of Story Manufacturing who designed Riesling Radler said, “From a design perspective, this was a chance to do something a little more ephemeral and trend-focused because of the “seasonal” (or limited edition) nature of the Radler. That gave me room to play around with patterns and other backgrounds that might not live as long as the other cans. Light-hearted, Summery and fun."

“The Oregon winery that brought you the OG wine in a can is back with a boundary-pushing product that proves, yet again, no one defies wine stereotypes quite like Union Wine Company. We’re excited to introduce the new Riesling Radler. Your hop-loving uncle will be swapping his favorite beer soda for this refreshing concoction of Riesling, water, grapefruit, malt, hops, sugar and salt in no time.”

“The Riesling Radler is made with Union Wine Co.’s own formula and recipe, including hops from the same respected grower as their grapes: Goschie Farms. Union’s ‘cooler wine cooler’ action will continue with two additional wine cooler releases later this year.”

“It doesn’t get more summer-coverage ready than that can design!”

Editorial photograph

Designed by: Story Manufacturing

Designer: Michael Etter

Country: United States

City: Portland, OR