Feel "Goodi" With These Healthy Fruit Snacks

by Natalie Mouradian on 09/19/2017 | 3 Minute Read

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We all know how beneficial fruit can be within our diets, and when that fruit comes in a snackable form, it makes eating healthy even easier. Redfire Design created the enticing packaging for Goodi, a brand that specializes in creating delicious healthy fruit-based snacks.

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“Yep, this NEW Challenger Brand is looking to break the market! 

Our task was to develop the brand, brand mark, brand story, and clean, modern packaging for a range of dried fruit and healthy snacks. We targeted an audience who are keen for healthy, fat-free products with a minimum of fuss in their preparation - pure, unadulterated ingredients with no artificial colourings and flavourings. With an increasing consumer focus on healthy snack options providing functional benefits, Goodi is aimed at meeting these demands for healthy snacks that promote healthy eating and fuel a healthy lifestyle - ‘Enjoy some Goodiness in your day.’"

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“Our primary task was to challenge existing dried fruit product packaging - moving away from the garishly coloured packaging of competitor brands and visually highlighting the simplicity of the ingredients within Goodi products - choosing bold, clean, fresh, natural fruit imagery, coupled with clean and simple typography. This bold, clean approach to the pouch designs would help them pop on shelf, and subliminally highlight the simple, clean ingredients contained within each pack."

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“We built cohesiveness of the brand through storytelling on the back of the pack - using brand language that spoke to a predominantly female audience. The tone - informal and friendly - highlighted the nutritional benefits of the simple ingredients contained in each pack.”

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Agency: Redfire DesignCreative Director: Colin Downing Designers: Stephen Myers, Rebecca Burt, Helena JeoryLocation: Auckland, New Zealand 


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