This Moscow-Based Beer Company Dares You To Push The Red Button

by margaret andersen on 09/12/2017 | 2 Minute Read

Editorial photograph

Russian Beer Company Red Button has been using a single red dot as a way for the manufacturer to identify its products. So when it came time to redesign their bottles, Moscow-based agency Ikon BC used the concept of 'pushing the red button' to appeal to beer drinkers' 'all systems go' adventurous side. 

Editorial photographEditorial photographEditorial photographEditorial photograph

"We created a packaging design with a red button 'activated' by freezing - a simplicity in packaging design becomes a long story. Simplicity with visual interaction using technology of a thermochromatic printing." 

Editorial photograph

"Place the bottle in a cool place. Cool it up to the temperature of 8OC. Three different illustrations will appear on the bottle’s surface showing what can occur if the red button is activated. Perhaps you will become a dancer and red button gives you an opportunity to release your rhythm?! Or you become an astronaut conquering the boundless space?! May be bottle will teach you a brewing process and you become a great brewer?! You’ll never know."

Chief creative director: Eugene Kuprienko Art directors: Steve Simpson, Egor Kevraletin Illustrator: Steve Simpson Designers: Steve Simson, Egor Kevraletin, Eugene Kuprienko Copywriter: Eugene Kuprienko Visualization: Pavel Gubin Animation: Eugene Kuprienko Account manager: Nadia Karpenko Client: Beerlove LLC

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