Dr Bach's Flower Remedies Get a Colorful Rebrand

by Natalie Mouradian on 09/07/2017 | 2 Minute Read

Editorial photograph

Natural remedies have been around forever and Dr Bach is one of the few brands that has stood the test of time. Recently their line of Flower Remedies had an update on their packaging in order to stand out.

Editorial photograph

“Back in the 1930s when Dr Bach pioneered the 1-38 system, it was unforeseen that his discoveries would eventually touch the lives of quite so many people. Viewed by many as being the only authentic brand, Bach™ Original Flower Remedies have remained a respected and dependable name amongst a sea of contenders.

The new coloured label designs of the 1-38 essences reflect the 7 emotional need states outlined by Dr Bach. Each label has been designed with its own identity encompassing both colour groupings for easy navigation alongside an illustration of the relevant flower/element of the given essence. A colour strip across the top of the label has been designed in order to accentuate and draw awareness to the emotional category.” 

Editorial photograph Editorial photograph

Designer: Jolanta ZuteArtwork: Simon FrancisMarketing: Nelsons Natural WorldLocation: London, UK

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