SKINN is a Gender Neutral Fragrance Concept That Engages the Senses

by Natalie Mouradian on 09/05/2017 | 3 Minute Read

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Ning Li has created the packaging for SKINN, a unique take on fragrance packaging that tries to marry the way the various senses engage with a particular product.

“Packaging is made to enrich the user’s experience and communicate the personality of products. Different senses play a vital role in ‘reading’ packages. Although we use sight as the primary sense in this, packaging is also held in the hands providing for opportunities for tactile communication.”

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“Form and materiality could be engaged more substantially to provide a more affective experience that communicates valuable information to the consumer. Although visual stimuli, such as typography, color, and graphics are the popular tools of consumer packaging design, it is unstable elements of communication, which elements are usually influenced by individual’s difference. The cognition of texture, shape, size, weight, or temperature of materials has relatively higher commonalities among individuals that can increase the precision level of a packaging design.

To examine the idea, designer Ning Li has created SKINN, a brand with visual-tactile packaging that focuses on beauty products.” 

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“Since such products are so closely linked to these experiences, for example, material’s characteristics often used in defining a product and carry the most intimate links with its user, it's only natural that consumers would relay that connection right from the beginning. 

Ning Li did research into the consumer-product relationship, revealed the following trends: objects that consumers buy are viewed as extensions of their own values and status; consumers desire a more affective shopping experience in today’s automatic selling environment; consumers’ emotional feelings are driven the shopping process; sense of touch provides people the most affective experience; the material-manipulation application can increase the consumer-product tactile interaction.”  

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"By touching or looking at a product, we will generate a universal understanding of the material. The hard, rough, or rigid characteristic was usually perceived as the masculine type. The smoothness, softness, and lightness features are the symbol of the feminine. Some materials' meanings relate to an environment instead of the appearance. These type of materials would be considered within the category of gender-neutral. Therefore, the packaging's materials were applied based on this understanding. 

This concept leads a new trend in the market and itself a very chic and sophisticated aesthetic."

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Designed By: Ning Li

Location: New York, USA

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