Featured image for Jattis is a New Healthy Ice Cream That Is Sure to Capture Consumers' Attention

Jattis is a New Healthy Ice Cream That Is Sure to Capture Consumers' Attention

by Natalie Mouradian on 09/05/2017 | 2 Minute Read

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Belarusian agency Fabula Branding has helped introduce a new category of ice cream into the market by developing a packaging design for Jattis Yogu.

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“Jattis, the popular European brand of ice cream, decided to expand its range of offerings by adding frozen yogurt. The new offering is well-positioned as a healthier and lower calorie choice in comparison to the traditional ice cream. The introduction of this new product in the portfolio of the company is dictated by a modern trend for a healthier lifestyle. The name Yogu (sub brand Jattis) was created to introduce the product to the market, where the name clearly announces the composition of the product – made with yogurt.

The introduction on a large scale of white color into the packaging design emphasizes the yogurt component and channels the idea of purity, naturalness, tenderness and lightness essential for this product. The turquoise color brings fresh elements on the shelves and enhances the association with a cold treat for an effective product buildup.”  

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“The dominant elements of the design are large, with an attention-grabbing logo and food zone. These category specific accents are designed to inspire consumer confidence and help to identify this novelty. The further product promotion is carried out with the use of appetizing photos serving as taste markers and respective colorful labels. 

The modern design has a strong correlation with the product itself. A newly created universal structure makes it suitable for future easy subsequent expansion of new taste offerings by Jattis Yogu.” 

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Designed By: Fabula BrandingLocation: Minsk, Belarus