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Get Freshly Baked With This Tropical-Inspired Self Tanner

by Natalie Mouradian on 09/05/2017 | 3 Minute Read

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Freshly Baked approached Design Happy to breathe fresh life into their range of self tanning foams. Their quirky brand name and promotion wasn’t being reflected in their existing packaging and a more premium look was required to open doors to higher end retailers.

Freshly Baked tanning mousse contains a blend of natural and organic active ingredients which develop into a flawless tan that smells delicious. The approach was to amplify this proposition with a refresh that made the product look good enough to eat!

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William Jones, Design Partner at Design Happy, explains “To inject some much needed personality into the brand we created a unique brand mark roundel that was indicative of neon donut signs and used a cursive font that reflected the natural properties of the formula.

We paired this with bold tropical patterns and kitsch imagery such as sugary pink flamingos to highlight the unusual and innovative scents used in the product. To establish the brand as a trusted and premium offering we included the use of a beautiful satin copper finish reflective. The range was then extended to include both dark and light variants.”

The product has launched this month and we expect to see a sharp uptake from retailers and strong online sales. Founder Adele Upson says “I was more than willing to let Design Happy loose with their own ideas and as the concepts flooded in we were truly blown away with how much detail, meaning and skill was applied. After just a short couple of months we now have a design that is truly everything we could have hoped and is blowing the socks off our customers.”

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Designed By: Design HappyDesign Partner: William Jones Design Partner: Richard Bray Design Partner: Adrian Turnham Design Partner: Jon PlumLocation: London, UK