We Love This Rebranded Concept for KIND Bars

by Natalie Mouradian on 08/21/2017 | 2 Minute Read

Editorial photograph

Student Hans Slade decided to rebrand KIND bars and revamp their packaging with beautiful results.

Editorial photograph

“‘Do the KIND thing for your body, your taste buds and your world.’This very ambitious mission statement wasn't quite matching up with the products on the shelf.

A new logotype was created to more truly reflect the brand. Harsh grotesque all-caps characters were replaced with gentle curves and natural shapes.” 

Editorial photograph Editorial photograph

“Previously, the wrappers and type were very clinical and geometric. Now, each flavor incorporates bold colors and natural shapes. The packaging utilizes a pattern inspired by the logotype, which is then colored with samples from the wrappers. Iconography for each category of snack makes flavors unique, but also consistent and recognizable.

Kind's whole portfolio of delicious snacks can be easily translated to its new visual language.”

Editorial photograph Editorial photograph Editorial photograph Editorial photograph

Designer: Hans Slade Instructor: Matthew Fernberger School: University of MinnesotaLocation: Minneapolis, MN 

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