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These First Rate Spirits Come in Gorgeous Bottles

by Natalie Mouradian on 08/22/2017 | 2 Minute Read

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CookChick created the redesigned packaging for Adnams Longshore Vodka and First Rate Gin. The designs feature detailed line work that make the bottles unique.

“Adnams have been producing handcrafted spirits at the Copper House Distillery since 2010. Since launch they have been making waves in the international spirits arena, winning numerous awards including the coveted ‘world’s best’ trophies for it’s approach to spirit making and maverick packaging design.”

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“With its ongoing partnership with Adnams, CookChick were commissioned to rejuvenate their super premium tier of spirits; Longshore Vodka and First Rate Gin.

CookChick Director Lee Cook comments: ‘Having won the IWBC award for ‘The World’s Best Vodka’, it was time for a fresh new look at the packaging for Adnams Longshore.

The aim here was to capture the essence of the Southwold coastline. Perfectly linear foil lines are interrupted only when the longshore current rolls past the coastal groynes. The bespoke brand identity lettering then emphasizes the brand name in shape and structure.”

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"This approach was then mirrored for Adnams First Rate gin. This time the foil lines are affected by the wake of the First Rate boat sailing across the bottle. 

Both designs feature 360 degree direct printing and Vinolok solid glass stoppers. Foil blocked over labelling then completes the pure yet specialist approach”.

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Designed By: CookChickCreative Director: Lee Cook Designer: Adam McCarthyLocation: Brighton, UK