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Check Out the Beautiful Geometric Packaging for Hip Water

by Natalie Mouradian on 07/19/2017 | 2 Minute Read

Editorial photograph

Ancla Studio designed the clean and geometric packaging for Hip Water, a fruit-infused water brand. The design is colorful and appealing, especially to a health-conscious consumer.

Editorial photograph

“We designed the brand for a fruit-infused water which caters to health conscious customers, who are mindful of exercise and healthy foods. This market has a strong focus on visual cues and strives for a practical and simple way to eat their meals and beverages. We decided to create a short name with a simple and friendly logo that projects freshness. The label is transparent and has modern geometric patterns inspired in the chemical composition of the fruits contained in the beverage.”

Editorial photographEditorial photograph

Designed By: Ancla Studio

Location: Mexico

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