This Gazpacho Packaging Is Inspired By The Chalkboard Lettering Found in Cafes

by Natalie Mouradian on 07/18/2017 | 2 Minute Read

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DDVB designed this packaging for Macho Gaspacho, a Russian line of vegetable purees that can serve as beverages or soups.

“Ochakovo is the leading Russian producer of natural beverages. As an expert and a market leader It actively creates new niches and offers customers unusual products. One of such ‘novelties’ has become the new brand ‘Macho Gaspacho.’ The product is a ‘rich juice’, which can also be used as a basis for soups thanks to its special organoleptic properties. The product contains no water - only 100% vegetable puree. Due to its unique formula, natural composition and convenient format for fast consumption (0.5 liter packaging), Macho Gaspacho can be an ideal solution for a hearty and healthy snack.”

Editorial photograph Editorial photograph

“The Agency was tasked to develop a visual image for the brand of rich juices ‘Macho Gaspacho’, which includes 3 SKUs - Andalusia (tomato), Valencia (pumpkin), Sevilla (beetroot). The new design should be bright, attracting attention and clearly rebuilding the product from competitors on the juice shelf, stimulating consumers to test purchase.

Gazpacho soups are recognized as one of the best dishes of Spanish cuisine. A mixture of natural ingredients perfectly replenishes energy for active daily life and quenches thirst. The image of the new brand of the ‘rich juices’ is based on the imitation of a slate board with an abundance of chalk inscriptions - an integral element of the interior of every Mediterranean cafe. On these surfaces there may appear sketches of recipes, menu options, notes for neighbors or just phrases with the wishes of a good day. On the sides of the package there are culinary tips - ‘winter’ and ‘summer’ recipes. ‘Macho Gaspacho’ received a modern image that contrasts brightly with competitors on the shelf, which will surely attract the attention of everyone who is looking for an easy way to a healthy diet.”

Editorial photograph

Designed By: DDVB

Location: Moscow, Russia

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