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Indulge Your Sweet Tooth With The Cake Crew

by Natalie Mouradian on 08/14/2017 | 3 Minute Read

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BramCreates have just designed the new packaging range for a series of cupcakes for The Cake Crew.

Created for the convenience market the cupcakes required a brand and packaging style with stand out appeal to rebel against a backdrop of the usual pastel colouring associated with the popular cake.

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This was a serious cake, a cake with attitude and an evening treat that could be accompanied with your feet up after a hard day dealing with the stresses that life throws at you. This was a snack which was all about the "me time"!

Mark Higginson, Creative Director who worked on the packaging explains "We all really loved the ambition of the project - to do something different and reinvent the cupcake for a modern market. It was about creating a product for today's women, a customer who was very much in charge of her own destiny and knowing exactly what she likes."

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He adds "One of the ideas that we all got on board with early on was to portray it as this treat that you could have in a moment of indulgement after a tough day. We wanted to be really bold and use strong colouring to promote this idea".

"Rather than looking towards general confectionery packaging for inspiration, it was make-up and boutique style brands which seemed to have a better fit for the positioning of the brand".

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The project took shape over a series of months and will start to be unveiled across the country in a convenience store near you!

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Designed by: BramCreatesPhotography: Mark HollandCreative Director: Mark Higginson Location: United Kingdom