Slurps is a New Approach To Healthy Dog Treats

by Natalie Mouradian on 08/09/2017 | 3 Minute Read

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Up Creative Consultants & Nick Verebelyi Consultancy teamed up to bring to life a pet owner’s healthy dog treat idea. Thus, Slurps was born.

“It was when Susan Gregory was told that her cat Bobbin needed to drink more and also lose weight that a product idea was born. Susan developed some low calorie liquid treats for Bobbin but her dog, Ruby, kept lapping them up too! 

Susan wondered why pets can’t have tasty drinks that are naturally low calorie and nutritious. We all know water is the best source of hydration but sometimes even pets like a change. With this in mind she started cooking and testing her creations with a willing panel of around 120 pet tasters. 

But Susan knew from her career in marketing with leading international foods companies that a great product was only part of the equation and that a compelling brand was needed to capture the hearts and minds of consumers.” 

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“Nick honed the design strategy and worked with Scott and Chris of Up Creative Consultants to develop ‘Slurps’ and the mouth-watering brand design symbolising all the great tasting goodness of Susan’s products. The team thought to capture the multiple benefits of Susan’s product idea in simple pet owner’s vernacular – with language and visual cues expressing the innocent fondness owners have for their pets. Using the ‘Slurps’ name together with the iconic droplet nose and licking lips summed up the pleasure pets enjoy from the product. These emotional features strike a happy balance with the clear rational benefits of ‘Slurps’ – happy, healthy, hydrated pets. 

Up creative partner Scott Keightley says ‘When thinking about how to communicate what the product is and who it is for, we found that the simple but iconic illustration of a pets facial features created instant understanding of the ‘who’. The idea jumped to life when a delicious drop of Slurps was used to represent the nose which not only covered off the ‘what’ but beautifully completed the story of Slurps - because we all know a wet nose is a healthy one’.” 

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“Nick of NVC remarks ‘the challenge was to satisfy owners’ desire to indulge their pets whilst communicating the serious health benefits of animal hydration. The design we developed with the team at Up Creative Consultants cleverly communicates hydration combined with the delight of a pet lapping up a Slurps drink’ Nick adds ‘expressing the functional benefits of a brand at the same time as conveying it's emotional rewards are key to brand appeal -rationally as well as intuitively.’ 

Launched initially for dogs in Chicken and Beef variants with Omega 3 Fish oils for shiny coats and healthy joints, Slurps is set to transform the pet treats category with multi-benefit treats that pets love.” 

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Designed By: Up Creative Consultants Creative Partner: Scott KeightleyDesigned By: Nick Verebelyi ConsultancyDirector: Nick Verebelyi Location: UK

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