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Check Out This Homegrown Whiskey From RockFilter Distillery

by Natalie Mouradian on 08/07/2017 | 3 Minute Read

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Werner Design Werks created the eye-catching packaging for RockFilter Distillery, a family-owned company.

“RockFilter is an organic farm distillery in Spring Grove, Minnesota. RockFilter’s founder and head distiller, Christian Myrah, is a fourth-generation Spring Grove resident whose ancestors helped found the town. Christian raises all the organic grains for RockFilter’s small batch spirits on his 350-acre family farm.”

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“Behind every variety of RockFilter whiskey, there’s a Spring Grove story. Giants of the Earth Bourbon features a photo of Christian’s great-grandparents; Fence Jumper was inspired by a rogue contingent of local livestock. An embossed, foil-stamped gold rock partially obscures the images on the front labels, while the back side of the label is printed with a story which reveals itself as the bottle is emptied. The same screen printed bottle is used for all of RockFilter’s products; we chose it for its unpretentious, broad-shouldered shape. Each bottle is individually signed and numbered, and the whiskey’s proof is also hand-written and applied as a separate label. These elements add handcrafted authenticity, but also enable the client to variably age and proof their whiskey. The final result is a packaging design that’s as hardworking as the people behind the brand and as premium as their award-winning product.”

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Designed By: Werner Design WerksClient: RockFilter DistilleryCreative Director: Sharon WernerDesigners: Sarah Forss, Abby HaddicanCopywriter: Julie KucinskiLocation: Saint Paul, Minnesota, USA