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You’ve Never Snacked Quite Like This Before

by Theresa Christine Johnson on 08/01/2017 | 2 Minute Read

Editorial photograph

We tend to go with the kinds of snacks we know—salty chips and sweet chocolate bars. But Uncommon Eats is something different, something for the more adventurous snacker. Designed by Nikki Cole, these resealable bags keep the snacks fresh and show a photo on the front to get consumers more familiar with their new eats.

“Uncommon Eats creates specialty packaged snacks inspired by traditional recipes from around the world, reinterpreted with a modern twist, and made with the highest quality ingredients available.”

“We were looking for a brand identity and packaging that infused snacks with a sense of culinary discovery—to introduce adventurous snackers, hungry for something new, to the snacks of the world.”

Editorial photograph

“The first product is inspired by a traditional rice flour-based Indian snack called chakri or murukku. The recipe is typically fried, but ours is oven-baked and made with the highest quality ingredients we could find.”

“Packaging and brand identity needed to be worldly but approachable to introduce an unfamiliar snack to the American market.”

“The concept is inspired the rustic tables and food carts in traditional Asian markets, as well as the aerial view of the markets with their various alleyways and booths. The logo also has a woodblock/stamp quality that supports the overall tone of the brand. The bold, colorful palette is inspired by the variety of spices and flavors. Tactile elements like the craft paper bag and stamps echo the rustic but refined nature of this adventurous brand.”

Editorial photograph

Designed by: Nikki Cole

Client: Uncommon Eats

Printer: Labels West Inc

Photographer: Noah Forbes

Food Stylist: Nathan Carrabba

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