A Vibrant Cosmetic Line with Ukrainian Influence

by Theresa Christine Johnson on 07/26/2017 | 5 Minute Read

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Brun’ka gets down to its Ukrainian roots. Striving to avoid any clichés, Yurko Gutsulyak developed packaging that turned to ancient visuals from the country to create something fresh and new.

“Brun’ka is the first Ukrainian brand that offers certified organic cosmetics based on herbs that are common in Ukraine and were traditionally used in ancient beauty recipes. The brand name Brun’ka means ‘a bud’ and along with the motto ‘Life inside’ it reveals the main idea of cosmetics line—to celebrate the energy of nature.”

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“While working on this project, we aimed to combine contemporary design esthetics with original Ukrainian spirit. Rushnyk ornaments traditional for central Ukraine inspired the visual brand language. Rushnyk (the very first mention belongs to early 17th century) is an embroidered towel that has ritual and decorative purpose. The main motif of these embroidered masterpieces is the tree of life, a sacred Slavic symbol which stands for the Universe and harmony. Red floral ornaments symbolize health and beauty.”

“Brand logo is a perfect balance of geometric rhymes. It looks solid, clean and pretentious at the same time. Each letter has its unique individuality, its own story. Altogether they represent live nature and harmony of diversity.”

“Each ornament on the package shows the herbal composition of a specific product. Related products (like shampoo and balm) with similar compositions have different ornaments, however, the style and basic graphic elements remain the same. That is how the general product line is divided into sublines.”

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“The brand embraces both magnificence and simplicity, represented in strictly symmetrical graphic bouquets. Actually, all ornaments have lovely “mistakes” as they were taken right from authentic handcrafted rush nyks or created by nature out of real herbs. It is a way to tell about natural origin of cosmetics and support the brand motto ‘Life inside.’”

“This is very Ukrainian project and it is huge challenge to avoid cliché and vapidity that is typically bound to folk and patriotic art. This identity is based on authentic traditions and understanding of their roots. Moreover, any images or ornaments were not copied from historical artifacts during design development. All ancient visual materials were used just like an inspiration to create something new and modern. It was highly important for the client to accent that these cosmetics are unique, high-quality and proudly made in Ukraine.”

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Designed by: Graphic design studio by Yurko Gutsulyak

Art director, Designer: Yurko Gutsulyak

Project manager: Zoryana Gutsulyak

Client: Ecolife

Country: Ukraine

City: Kiev

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